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$19.15 by coiser1369
Jig for properly aligning holes / getting proper centers. Will fit standard 2"x4"s, 4x4's, or slightly larger sizes.
Not For Sale by kreynolds
Miter box for cutting B/C-Struts for a geodesic dome out of 0.75" thickness stock. Kerf set to 0.02" for use with a Dosuki or similar saw. 60º and...
$366.38 by timsterp9
Drilling Jig for adding a safety handrail to the AnsaldoBreda P2550 light rail vehicle so that bicycle patrons have a handrail to steady them.
$67.41 by samsama
cufflink jig for cre8ive
$43.71 by ShipeDesign
Easy magnetic building system for small balsa models. Make perfectly perpendicular joints every time! Each cube features a series of slots and gro...