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$127.33 by GADesign
This beautiful pendant design has both inner and outer spirals, and together they represent the shape of a teardrop filled with DNA. Premium Silve...
$19.68 by ma_meister
Liquid Steel Fire Wild Ring - Feel the power of turbulence. Diameter 20.5mm.
$11.68 by ma_meister
This beautiful ring will stack when wearing several. It can be adapted to fit different finger sizes. Best in polished silver. Diameter is 18mm.
$11.87 by ma_meister
This ring features rounded feathery extensions - a true eye catcher. It has a diameter of 16 mm.
Not For Sale by ma_meister
This ring has fine hooks round its exterior and is definitely an eye-catcher.
Not For Sale by ma_meister
A different kind of ring - show your affection to the digital age with the Liquid Metal Cubed Signed Ring! Designed for a diameter of 17 mm.
$42.00 by ViktorLambov
This model is created in Blender, and it is a pretty large compared to my other models. This bowl has ridges from out side and inside of the bowl, ...
$103.22 by FabMeJewelry
This design started out as solid sharp spikes then transformed into a carefully shaped lightweight structure that is both wearable as beautiful !C...
$65.00 by ViktorLambov
Tau is the Greek letter, that is used in many math and physics problems. I created this letter, because I got inspired by the letter (Pi), I create...
$15.00 by ViktorLambov
This model is another from my Greek and math letters collection. This one is a sigma, which is used a lot in math. This letter is used in math to r...