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$69.29 by Dlydian
Case for iphone 4 4s with tribal spirit
$17.12 by astonetech
$24.27 by Mihael88
case for iphone
$38.00 by brend0_
$47.07 by hugoarcier
This Iphone case is inspired by an art series I did, called "Degeneration". It is visible here : http://hugoarcier.com/en/degenerescence-i/
$22.55 by zippyz
Iphone 4 "Hearts"
$29.46 by zippyz
Iphone 4 "Cogwheels" case
$21.79 by DesignByDrew
Minimalistic wallet for iphone 4 & 4s offers protection on all edges as well as space for 5 cards, or 4 cards and a bit of cash. All controls remai...
$32.24 by joe1029
It may look intimidating, but it's got a very smooth feel and it fits comfortably in your hand. I started messing around with a design I based loos...