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Not For Sale by pzich
Two single-piece inseparable and interlocking pieces. Example of something easy to do with 3d printing but hard just about any other way.
$14.20 by fullbashreturns
 Linked gears rest within a larger gear, all lined with faceted teeth. The hole is large enough to string this pendant on a metal chain.  ...
$25.00 by DesignbyDalton
2g pair. The three rings are free hanging. They come in a variety of sizes. I can have them adjusted to nearly any size on request.Three Ring Talon...
$6.47 by Jman1906
These are small detailed earrings designed from the outline of a cube. When worn the cube interlock as they fully extend. Only high detail plastic ...
$5.38 by Jman1906
Interlocking cube with cutouts. Be sure to order two as the 3D model only contains one earring.
$5.14 by Jman1906
Interlocking hollow cube earrings. Be sure to order two as the 3D model only comes with one earring.