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$12.02 by kweenix
The Nazca hummingbird drawing converted to a pendant. The original nazca hummingbird drawing measures about 96x64 meters! Note that the hole is 3...
$3.24 by tomatohead
Humming Bird Pendant
$117.57 by Meiswinkel
A Faberge inspired egg with simple mechanism that opens 4 shutters in a blossoming effect as the shutters move in unison. As the shutters open, th...
Not For Sale by roofoo
Show off your love of hummingbirds with this trendy tribal hummingbird pendant!
$14.80 by WillLaPuerta
Hummingbird on a triangular pendant for use in your own jewelry.
Not For Sale by ofserenity
Shapeways Image Popper
Not For Sale by ofserenity
Flower pendant with hummingbirds beneath a heart
$8.27 by Marc_van_Megen
Hummingbird-Flower Bracelet Hummingbirds are amazing flying jewels. Their radiant colors vibrate in the sunlight while they feed on the nectar of ...
Not For Sale by ofserenity
pendant of my redhum project
$21.75 by CuteNComfy
Hummingbird pendant is great for bird, nature and animal lover women.