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Not For Sale by robert
Model of a foot
Not For Sale by siderits
Human hand bone, Hamate, NextEngine 3D laser scantrueSpace modification
Not For Sale by aws357
Just a reference to Pygmalion.I think it will look nice on my desk.
$415.20 by prevuemedical
This model shows the correlation between resting-state BOLD fMRI time courses in each part of the average human brain. Areas that are brighter red ...
$415.21 by prevuemedical
This model shows various regions of the human brain outlined by the Desikan-Killiany atlas using the automated labelling of Freesurfer (http://surf...
Not For Sale by Aaragorn
This base can be clothed and dressed any way you want. You can even do her hair. Easily cleanable the clay comes right off and you can start over...
Not For Sale by Aaragorn
This version features short hair and a skirt. I also reworked the facial expression a little. Enjoy!
Not For Sale by Aaragorn
This dancer has a halter top to complete her ensemble. She's ready for display to brighten and add a touch of joy and elegance to any room.
Not For Sale by Aaragorn
This beauty is slightly larger than previous versions. (12.7 cm tall instead of 10 cm) She has long hair and appears in shorts and a halter top.Enjoy!
$66.25 by 3dmob
Home decor nude female statue.