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$65.63 by Kolago
Ring out off 9 to 14 interconnected horseshoes. (Depending on ring size you order) Good luck charm where ever you go. Actual Ring ...
$99.00 by LucasPlus
Wear this horseshoe, a renowned symbol of good luck, to remind you how lucky you are to be alive! Or, wear it to help you get lucky (results may va...
$48.00 by designerica
Inspired by a vintage ring inherited from Aunt Betty, this ring features a hollow ball that is held onto your finger by a horseshoe that has a squa...
$70.01 by lemmy
3D reconstruction of a wooden horseshoe. This model was built mementify iPhone app.
$63.10 by leessmith
Feeling lucky, you will with this horseshoe around your neck.
$36.58 by ik_ilmar
Horseshoe cufflinks
$16.11 by Makivic
Horseshoe pendant, good luck charm.
$70.00 by chosetec
The Horseshoe crab is the closest surviving relative of the trilobite, and isn't a true crustacean - it's more related to spiders and scorpions. Th...
$35.55 by TheAtomicSoul
Every world has a currency, and bits are the latest and greatest!
$4.57 by RaVNzCRoFT
This is a Cherry MX keycap (R4, 1x1) featuring a horseshoe. OEM profile.