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$35.00 by designerica
A little bit of honeycomb infused into your finger... my neighbor keeps bees on our roof and I was inspired by their hives. This ring looks fantas...
$27.28 by RvdV
Candle lights are a piece of furniture that lives in every home, a product capable of adapting to any environment, causing pleasant sensations and ...
$13.88 by jeff
A skinny version of the Honey Ring, together they make a perfect pair. Inspired by honey, made for your honey, and now supporting the honey be...
Not For Sale by SardiPax
$91.43 by thefunbringer
This honeycomb percolator has 151 points of diffusion and is made with two female 14.5mm joints - one for a slide bowl and the other to attach to a...
$3.47 by alleazzolini
Some years ago, in a sleepless summer night, I had a dream. I was wearing a beautiful ring, all made of hexagons, and it struck me so much that the...
$13.47 by walidjadla
Honeycomb pendant 50mm height cool gift for your love
$32.55 by Gromfrog
A perfect fitting iPad mini case with a honey comb grill on the back. More info our at our site:
$41.94 by DrWhoJohnSmith