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$32.38 by NovastarDesign
The molar teeth-shaped Brush'eM ! Kids is a funny toothbrush-holder with holes, which in it's own little way might contribute to the dental care ...
$9.07 by Jacareadam
It's a small, quite universal in-ear headphone holder, designed to fit into your pocket and hold you earbuds tight. Never let your earbuds tangle u...
$38.00 by Jacareadam
A thin (around 1 cm) but sturdy ID, credit card, and money holder (can hold several folded banknotes, designed so a 20€ note doesn't stick out) w...
Not For Sale by Metall
or nice candle holder
$17.00 by Alharith
This deconstruction design pen holder is designed to accommodate your brush or pens in a unique way. Designed to hold your pens at your home, offi...
Not For Sale by vandragon
Decoration for the desk
$15.37 by modesty
This is a tube holder for test tubes that are meant to be used as toothbrush holders. You mount the holder on the wall, or any other smooth vertica...
Not For Sale by davidgull
An elegant 3 votive candle holder
$6.69 by agtruhler
The Cord Caddy is intended for use with corded vacuum cleaners. It is designed to slip over your waist band, pocket, or belt loop and allow you to...
$43.76 by MartijnvanW
iPhone dock for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.