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$35.00 by designerica
A little bit of honeycomb infused into your finger... my neighbor keeps bees on our roof and I was inspired by their hives. This ring looks fantas...
$27.60 by CustomBitz
A pair of Ragged Wings for a flying monstrous creature. Almost 12cm from tip to tip, with simple ball joints compatible with most large fantas...
$24.75 by SurfaceDefect
Size 6 (US) L.5 (UK) Size 6.5 (US) M.5 (UK) Size 7 (US) O (UK) Size 8 (US) Q (UK) Size 9 (US) S (UK) Size 10 (US) U (UK) Size 11 (US) W (UK) Size ...
$39.99 by LaNero
Insect hives are intricate works of art. This pendant is decidedly a simple rendition of that intricacy. Size is approx. 0.5 in around.
$57.20 by RMcRae
These pawns feature a spherical mark on the thorax with s curved wings. Available in sterling silver, brass and bronze. King Queen Rook Bi...
$59.89 by RMcRae
Bishop Queen Pawn Knight Rook
$82.79 by RMcRae
The mounted warrior. These knights are seated on flower petals and feature a sword that runs down the thorax. The legs and wings point in eight dir...
$57.26 by RMcRae
Episkapos, the elders, the pastors, the overseers of the colony who traverse the hive crosswise toward victory. The ploy of the bishop is reflected...
$51.01 by RMcRae
King Bishop Pawn Knight Rook
$52.98 by RMcRae
King Queen Pawn Bishop Knight