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$23.31 by ravibimo
$30.16 by BeepBeep3D
These are Nerd Glasses (just frames no lenses). Approximately same size as the 3D glasses you get at the movies. 15cm wide 5cm tall. Arms do not hi...
$54.36 by Ccubed
frames inspired by ray ban wayfarer. one pieced fixed (no hinges) with grooves cut for lens insertion. feedback welcome
$20.83 by Bregtcbs
Don't know which 'stach to wear tonight? Make sure you've got them all in your pocket! This fancy and elegant design makes you and your Iphone 4/...
$26.09 by Bregtcbs
Suit Up with this fancy Iphone case!
$27.71 by Bregtcbs
$23.46 by Bregtcbs
Mr Moustache is here to protect your Iphone!
$112.71 by MulderandSkully
AK47 Pendant design ready to rock. Just add a chain.
$11.34 by BeepBeep3D
A small pyramid based on a equilateral triangle. 1.5cm tall.
$16.22 by BeepBeep3D
A two level pyramid made from equilateral triangles. 3cm tall.