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$64.97 by arklan
Cryptex style puzzle box, inspired by the novel The Da Vinci Code. Textured to resemble marble, the lettering is also printed, rather then engraved...
$3.89 by Devilblade0
the sleeve of the hidden blade part 2 of 3
$16.56 by Devilblade0
part 3 of 3 of my hidden blade design
$58.22 by lensman
I have updated this pendant since I first created it, since there were some printing issues. So the design is pretty much the same as the photo's b...
Not For Sale by nweissberg
Hidden Blade replica
$16.75 by WillLaPuerta
A six sided die, hollowed out and split down the middle with a simple twist and lock mechanism inside. Hide small items in the cavity.
Not For Sale by Spirit_Wolf
A basic Hidden Blade Model. The blade is gravity based, which means there are no springs required to operate the blade! A tutorial on how to put th...
$8.00 by ou_let
$70.50 by GADesign
Do you have to take you're medicine everyday ? What happens if you've forgotten to take your medicine with you? You can put you're medicine in thi...
$35.00 by danieljchamberlin
The Hidden Heart Espresso Cup Perfect for Valentine's Day (or any other day needing a little heart), The Hidden Heart Espresso Cup reveals a perfe...