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$11.13 by jamawebb
Inspired by Transformers generation 1 character/toy: Constructicon Mix Master, this blaster is designed to complement TFC Toys Hercules: Mad Blande...
Not For Sale by jamawebb
Inspired by the comic "Transformers: Robots in Disguise #16" and based on the Transformers generation 1 character/toy design, this accessory is de...
$4.79 by Shapercreator14
New face for TFC Hercules, inspired by MOTU Trapjaw
$8.97 by TheYeaglemanBrothers
Dynastes hercules occidentals. Modelled on a medium sized male. Successfully printed.
$14.99 by Kidmechano
For the true ModiBot enthusiast. Full metal Jacket!!! (and gear) Armor-up your Mo in this real metal version of the Spartan accessory set.
$28.99 by ScrambleCore
Extensions to make your TFC Hercules taller
$9.28 by ScrambleCore
Shoulder Extenstion Adapter for TFCToys Hercules