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$15.39 by zilla7788
The helm ring of the warrior! with empty socket. Inside diameter = 0.94"
$9.92 by LordTrilobite
A viking helmet keychain based on the actual Gjermundbu helmet from Norway.
$3.86 by DesertIslandDesigns
M1942 German WW II Helmet for 6inch Action figure and 1:12th model kit use - excellent detail including bullet splashes.
$9.28 by 3gfisch
successful printed in Alumide
$6.50 by Michael_C
A single ship's wheel scaled for 1:144 ship models. The wheel is less than 1/2 inch (approximately 11 mm) tall. This scales to a helm that would ...
$8.18 by Freakazoitt
x5 Heads in French helmets 1915 model for 28mm scale board game miniatures
$3.88 by neverendingminiatures
$121.76 by Balfe
$7.30 by Freakazoitt
x25 WW2 German helmets model M35 for 28mm scale board game miniature conversions.
$8.39 by Freakazoitt
25 German helmets, model M1916. For use in 28mm board game miniatures.