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$27.30 by aeron203
A double torus bridged with rounded bars. These rigid features are contrasted by a light cursive inscription etched deeply into the widest bar.
$23.00 by Twopounder
28mm scale heavy machine gun. This set of 5 machine guns come with large box magazines. Perfect for making your model fire on the go. Optics not in...
$30.44 by mught
$26.47 by mught
$15.00 by Twopounder
28mm heavy machine gun with normal box magazines. This is great for showing weapon compatibility or scenes with low ammo/desperate situations. Pack...
$41.85 by arkonisus
smooth and heavy
$11.99 by RatherDashing
Tank key chains included: Black Prince, KV-2, Maus, AMX M4(1945), and Tiger II. All models have the tank name on both sides except for the Tiger I...
$200.00 by SGDesigns
Silver old school skull ring. Heavy ring, weighs over 1oz at 29.5 grams sterling silver. The ring in the image above was printed in standard silver...
$11.56 by Vertexnaut
Pack of 3 Spaceborne Troopers, equipped with heavy weapons. The miniatures are intended for use in any 28mm scale sci-fi wargame. The default mater...
$12.59 by Kaktusbombe
This is the traditional heavy metal sign, designed to wear around the neck. It is avalilable in plasic and steel, but who wants this sign in plastic?