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$16.64 by stefdevos
Guard your desk with this city 17 cop from half life!
$125.00 by JoyComplex
"Una vida con miedo es como la vida medias." / "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived." ...
$22.50 by MindEversion
A pendant
$10.43 by Razorcut
Life my version and the Chinese character
$8.99 by najo98
$19.99 by najo98
a cool pendent for gamers based off of half life.
$73.07 by Vidalcris
I added the socle because of Shapeways's new rules for FCS. Sorry for the difference in the price ..my shop Dog is a robot, built b...
Not For Sale by 8bitnirvana
Half Life 2 meets Portal. Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance's best friend, DOG, contemplating the beauty of his new toy, a companion cube. What else co...
$8.42 by Dawgstar
The Life Taker gun is fitted with a 5mm peg for Transformers and other action figures. About the gun: The Life Taker is a handgun featuring semi- a...
$31.47 by Inhorus