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$28.16 by baltimore
maryland hackerspace Unallocated Space ringsize 9.5contact me if you want a different size
$15.00 by Twopounder
Ever wonder what kind of computer you'll run into in the radiation blasted apocalypse wasteland? Probably a Valt-Tek series 2000 micro computer! Th...
$6.77 by juhov
Feet for the Ordning cutlery caddy by Ikea. The original design of the stand does not leave much space between it and the table top. This results i...
$45.39 by ArtefactStudio
This is a bike D-lock holder that I created out of surprise when I tried and couldn't find one. This is a universal holder. It will hold any D-lock...
Not For Sale by sciencehacker
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$15.52 by gafsadesign
anonymous ring 18mm inner diameter
$16.08 by gafsadesign
amazing anonymous face pendant 28mm height
$4.52 by RaVNzCRoFT
This is a Cherry MX keycap (R4, 1x1) featuring the "gh" logo from the forum at GeekHack.org. OEM profile.