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$31.78 by MaxO
A gyroscope that (hopefully) spins like the real thing.
$41.70 by benblanton
Designed for spin time and efficiency, this top, depending on material and surface conditions, can spin up to 4 minutes! Slowly accelerate the spin...
$198.24 by cwortman
Working desktop gyroscope!  This is a simple desktop gyroscope that would make a great addition to any deskspace!
Not For Sale by MostlyMatthew
An instrument of balance in miniature. Perfect for earrings, necklaces, or as a stand-alone trinket!
$88.09 by AeonMedia
Colorful Gyroscope - this model can be realized in color. Non functional, simply a sculpture of gyroscope.
$25.17 by GarySG
This piece is beautiful in it's gizmo-style, depicting something similar to a gyroscope, but with one axis of rotation as opposed to three. It is n...
$48.34 by Polygonshape
It is a top, which uses as its axis the most classic of IKEA pencils, it's ideally suited to contain it and when it starts to turn writes the paths...
$30.00 by virtox
Accused of being fake, witchcraft and simply impossible.. This kinetic sculpture is inspired by the unlimited freedom of 3d printing, it wobbles an...