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$32.64 by williamr
Spherical Gyroid Thickness : 3 millimeters
$8.29 by ruiter
A mathematical shape the is based on the following formula: x*x+y*y+z*z -(x*x+y*y+z*z)^2*0.01-abs(cos(x)*sin(z) +cos(y)*sin(x)+cos(z)*sin(y))-24=0
$97.20 by MindEversion
A spherical gyroid with voronoi structure.
Not For Sale by virtox
Gyroid BallFound on the math playground.Intersection of a Sphere and a Gyroid.
Not For Sale by virtox
A triple gyroid sphere.3 seperate parts interlocked.Part of inside removed to save material.Currently only a single color placeholder, color upload...
$32.48 by bt@barrythomas.co.uk
Gyroid surface to fill a cube.
$12.90 by xfape
Gyroid necklace (DRAFT - to be update soon)
$30.78 by rickruss2013
A gyroid of 8 unit cells, a triply periodic minimal surface (this is a trigonometric approximation to the true minimal surface). This surface appe...
$17.16 by rickruss2013
Gyroid unit cell; will fill space if mirrored on all sides. Divides space into two separate interlocked congruent domains. Found in nature in the ...
$185.39 by corkery
Single gyroid sphere, 7.5 cm diameter.