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$41.70 by benblanton
Designed for spin time and efficiency, this top, depending on material and surface conditions, can spin up to 4 minutes! Slowly accelerate the spin...
$14.50 by TravisRoske
A classic gyroscope. Simply put a string throught the hole in the main shaft and wind it up. When your ready pull the string hard to get it spinnin...
$198.24 by cwortman
Working desktop gyroscope!  This is a simple desktop gyroscope that would make a great addition to any deskspace!
$6.76 by axivity
A minimalistic enclosure for the WAX9 OEM board. This sensor requires an end cap avai...
$3.43 by axivity
The WAX9 is the worlds smallest 10DOF (degree of freedom) IMU available here: Th...
$4.58 by mckevins
Give it a twirl and the outer ring hovers in place. This high-tech spinner reveals its design at the end of its spin as it smoothly comes to a stop.
$27.63 by inventor78
Not For Sale by PJMProductions
$165.00 by virtox
Accused of being fake, witchcraft and simply impossible.. This kinetic sculpture is inspired by the unlimited freedom of 3d printing,it wobbles and...
$19.50 by virtox
Gyro the Cube (S) patterned version with ring. This is the 3.3cm/1.3" sized version and suitable as a pendant, large key-fob for hotel or cupboard ...