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Candy Apple Crip from the online game Candy Mountain Massacre 2 - free to play at www.adultswim.com/games/game/index.html?game=candymountain2
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Heya guys, here is v3 of the motorcycle pin. These pins are used on much motorcycles to let some plastic's connect to the frame [inside a rubber]. ...
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Like many of you, I have seen the comic insert for the Perfect Effect Not-Arcee, and that panel with the guns...that's cool. But her guns look not...
$29.48 by simmons
this is a full movable robot i made. This is the second version with hand and guns.
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This is a set of seedy post apocalyptic or sci fi signs for use with the 28mm game of your choice. They will work well in junk piles, on the front...
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Dimensionally correct .45 Auto cartridge pendant with necklace loop. Can also create models for other types of cartridges. Custom headstamp mark...
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45 Auto (ACP) dog tag