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$2.63 by freemansmindtoys
The second symbol for my Forgotten Fortress add-on/playset- The crest of Gray Heir.
Not For Sale by freemansmindtoys
My second option for Forgotten Fortress fans- an unpainted cover option to cover the Greyskull void.
Not For Sale by ManAtArms
Note that you have to order the hero coins (blue coins) separate from the yellow components in order to have Shapeways print in two different mater...
$12.00 by Kimotion
No two snowflakes are ever the same ... and this one just happens to look like He-Man! This design is based on the 80's action figure.
$23.10 by DJForce
The 3-part interchangeable Standard fits most 6" actionfigures. This kit includes 3 parts (bottom, middle and top) which can be connected in 2 con...
$27.80 by mught
Stainless steel or silver tie clip inspired on the 80's animated television series "Masters of the Universe" If you are looking for something spec...