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$33.61 by jtminehart
I was tired of using tape to attach my GPS device to my car for track datalogging, so I designed this suction cup mounted holder for the Qstarz 818...
$15.80 by quadframe
no description needed ;)
$26.46 by gzebedin
This is a cover plate and for quadrocopters with 45mm mounting distance. you can fit a CRIUS GPS u-Blox CN02 v2 modul inside.
$102.28 by moris
A way to fix your DJI GPS in your favourite Multi Rotor.
$16.75 by Exocet
This is the perfect way to protect your Naza GPS when your Copter Crashes. Weight is about 13g
$8.52 by rmackay9
Trex 450 GPS Mount ver 2
Not For Sale by nflutter
A centreline mount for Bryton Rider 20 and Rider 40 cycling computers. This model is being prototyped, please check back in 4 - 6 weeks for a prod...
$16.14 by Krajst
It is still a prototype. You can print it if you want at your own risk.
$27.90 by skipmeetze
There are several reasons to use your iPhone (or Android) as a direction-finder instead of using your dedicated GPS. The phone can provide access t...
$18.00 by BravoZulu
This is a housing for my selfmade GPS data logger for a stratospheric balloon project. It contains an Adafruit Ultimate GPS module, a SparkFun Open...