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$75.00 by summerized
Are you a Victorian gothic, a lucky star-era Madonna wannabe, an art gallery moll OR all of these rolled into one exciting and exceptional package?...
$30.00 by fraochdha
This beautiful and rugged Gothic Cross is nicely balanced with classic gothic quatrefoil voids at its heart surrounded by built up trefoil nodules.
$8.33 by TheRogueAndTheWolf
A black tooth to adorn your neck. Store under pillow for a surprise. Chain not included. We offer this pendant with a chain and ready to dispatch a...
$17.92 by TheRogueAndTheWolf
A Wolf ring to adorn your wild hands. The closest your fingers will come to a wolf without any bloodshed. Available in various sizes. Feel free to...
$14.09 by TheRogueAndTheWolf
A Cat Skull ring to adorn your hands. Induces playful curiosity. Available in various sizes. Feel free to contact us for any custom sizes and we...
$31.05 by tomatohead
$6.21 by tomatohead
Spider web design by Andrew van Ees, tomatohead, on shapeways
$6.00 by verrillka
If you would like to dye your own White, Strong & Flexible parts in a wide variety of colors (brighter colors, richer colors, better colors) than w...
$29.00 by improbablecog
10g Though these earrings may resemble an xenomorphic sea creature, we can neither confirm nor deny that they were modeled after any organism livi...
$35.16 by tomatohead