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$111.60 by RobertShepherd
This is my homage to Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man". I have been influenced by his works and thoughts and I wanted to create something which r...
$109.51 by lensman
A full-size key modeled after the one in "The Wizard of Oz". Three and a half inches long and over an inch in width. Would look great in the Gold-P...
$38.89 by troll341
Random golden house
$35.00 by felipenobre
Golden tear as a pendant
$19.26 by Dumb_Robot
labrador retriever
$51.41 by ColeHastings
A 3D representation of the Golden Rectangle. It can be worn as a pendant from many different angles or simply displayed as a cool and interesting i...
$116.86 by ThomasDurandOriginal
[Feng Shui Collection] gathers nice home decoration designs that will enhance your wellfare by putting beauty in your interior. The pyramid is a s...
$99.99 by benpuzzles
The Platinum Cube is a Master version of Tony Fisher's Golden Cube in that it has shallower cuts which creates extra layers. It can also be viewed ...
$25.52 by frankish
A ring for men, 20mm inside diameter (US size 10) If you need it in a different size just let me know and I will make it so.
$112.87 by TheNAkos
Print your own miniature Gold Bar so you can feel like a rich person! Also in silver and white plastic (so you can paint it gold yourself)