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$12.99 by Kidmechano
Beware Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead. Mod your Mo figure with one of our bonus kits from our successful Kickstarter campaign. Kit comes wit...
$22.14 by ChrisArtscapes
inspired by Norse mythology
$52.34 by Laxy
A large Slaanesh Pendant for all your pleasure seeking needs. Fairly slim, optimised for metallic printing.
$58.59 by thewraithoftheopera
made with 2d to 3d app
$13.09 by Molecule
Theobromine is thought to be the active compound in chocolate, that can act as an aphrodisiac and thus increase ones appetite for sex. Theobromine...
$10.64 by Voiceofthesilence
Shapeways Image Popper