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$129.98 by markflorquin
$5.12 by Keldor
Goat Legs scaled and stylized for Minimates. Specifically designed for Krampus (see related accessories; nicely paired with St. Nicholas) but could...
$6.13 by Keldor
Leg extensions for Minimates to convert standard legs into goat legs. Pegs fit into holes at bottom of standard legs in place of feet. Can be used ...
Not For Sale by cynwulf
You may have heard the tale of Guiseppe the stone mason, or is that the wood carver.. in any event, this, is his goat..
$25.90 by Brian_Richardson
The Yale or Centicore (Latin: eale) is a mythical beast found in European mythology and heraldry. Most descriptions make it an antelope or goat-lik...
$29.13 by Silverbeam
Needs about an 8mm disc magnet to be glued in at the base(you will need 4 all together), about 5mm thick/tall should work. Works for SD and MSD do...
$18.87 by tejbose
Bishop Chess piece modeled after a Ram.
$41.92 by anamarva
goat morning to you.
$37.81 by Brian_Richardson
My take on a Chupacabra skeleton. I went with a more monkey-like appearance, with big claws, similar to a sloth's. (inspired by that one alien show...