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$17.45 by Oreosmooshy
D'aww! A little sculpture I made for my cousin. When it arrives in White Detail I'll post more pictures. If you want a different size (or turned in...
$123.61 by bammascots
Giraffe head!
$18.43 by Azza_Ku
Tailhead stands at 3.25 inches tall and makes a cute decoration.
$15.70 by froland
Giraffe with partially open body through a Voronoi structure. The body hosts two balls with a Voronoi structure, one inside the other. Want to kn...
$13.76 by KingRahl
Attach to keychain, carry in hand while walking to car, feel safe.
$12.00 by mathgrrl
A bracelet made from the inner ring of a Pentagonal Hexacontahedron. MakerHome Day 218: http://makerhome.blogspot.com/2014/04/day-218-polygiraffe...
$23.43 by LuraSDesign
High Detail Giraffe Skull from CT scan data. If you like a design please add it to your favourites. If you bought it, leaving even a tiny comment w...
$45.57 by nardo3
$20.00 by ViktorLambov
This is another Greek letter in my collection. This time this is a Phi, which is used in mathematics for 'golden ratio'. I created this letter, bec...