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$33.66 by gknape
End the mess and store your coins like a geek! !!!Green isn't available on shapeways!!! (yet?) but you can spray paint it or order another color. ...
$2.85 by DutchMogul
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/4Ob4GVLdmSn
$8.04 by Krimarie
A house I built in Minecraft.
$92.66 by Krimarie
A small church. Built in Minecraft.
$8.04 by Krimarie
House I built in Minecraft. Flipped version!
$16.64 by coines23
Martian command and control ship.
$7.97 by coines23
The Zephyr class destroyer is fast and armed with torpedoes and a variety of close in defensive weaponry. Some may find this ship large for an esco...
$23.45 by coines23
The center of any Invasion Fleet!
$8.90 by coines23
The Jovian Alliance's most common ship of the line
$9.63 by coines23
The Martian Elite Republican Guard's finest frontline battlecruiser.