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$16.35 by gagandeep
Six cylinder functional model engine (test model) which also has a hand crank
$5.98 by Elon
This is a replica of the piston in Minecraft, there is a small crank on the side of it which you can turn and then it will extend, it goes about ha...
$11.79 by Elon
Not For Sale by tefman3d
large hands shaped ocarina with 8 holes
Not For Sale by mambroz
This is a clip to hold the power cable to the monitor case to prevent unwanted power loss. Great for a monitor mounted on a swivel wall mount. This...
$26.02 by mankinnovation
This is the set of 4 USB ants. One of each version of the ant are included. It is cheaper than order four of them seperately =) If you just want t...
$20.00 by matty079
Wall mounted device used to hang wine glasses. Prevents fragile wine glasses from shattering. Allows wine glasses to be stored on the wall in a nea...
$33.69 by Sepia100
Smoke detector, made out of 3 parts This is: Top of a smoke detector, in a Ying Yang shape NOTE: In order to make this smoke detector work you shou...
$36.02 by fiNescale
Vintage Flat belt driven drill press 1:12 scale. The model needs some extra metal axes and a (leather) belt. It will need some work like sanding, p...
$12.68 by gagandeep
A six cylinder rotary engine.