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$2.79 by PeterFox
Frigate sized Torus ship For a pair linked together (cheaper option) see the Torus Frigate Twin
$3.46 by PeterFox
Pair of torus shaped frigates
$24.99 by BenandFamily
Eight Battleships, Twelve Cruisers, Fifteen Destroyers, Ten Frigates, Eight Corvettes, Twelve Transports. ...
$10.15 by bondp99
Earth ship USAF Ares frigate for Sci-Fi tabletop gaming
$2.48 by MimarSinan
One of the most common Coalition designs, the frigate is fast and armed with effective short ranged weapons. Best printed in detail material. Appro...
Not For Sale by Klavs81
$8.66 by Woetra
This model space ship strongly resembles the Concord Battleship in the computer game "EVE Online"Note that I created this ...
$13.83 by Ema3ddi
$4.61 by StarFall
$4.61 by StarFall