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Not For Sale by daddymack
A play on the design theme I''m running with at the moment. This time more of a swirling galaxy. Minimal use of materials for maximum space and str...
$4.99 by Oreosmooshy
D'awww! A tiny menger sponge to use as a pendant or whatever you want. I also have one big enough to print in polished Strong & Flexible, along wit...
$13.66 by williamr
Fractal Tree in a sphere - Diameter : 5 cm - Thickness : 3mm
$10.95 by williamr
Fractal Tree inside a sphere Diameter : 5 cm - Thickness : 3mm at center 1.5mm at tip Hold it lightly between two fingers, blow, and watch it spi...
$37.33 by williamr
Fractal tree grown in a sphere Diameter : 12 cm Thickness : 3mm at center 1.5mm at tip Can stand on a flat surface. Good for training binocular v...
$5.71 by Oreosmooshy
Small enough to keep the price down and large enough to be printed in Strong & Flexible Polished. Woohoo!
Not For Sale by virtox
Sorry, this size is no longer available Please go here for the large version A delicate free form model dubbed "Holey".Makes for some nice Christma...
Not For Sale by Ushanka
A curved plate with a Koch curve cut into it. That...that's about it. Pretty straightforward.
$81.50 by nic022
Not For Sale by ttoinou