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$43.32 by RobTorres
Ammonite Abbasites from the collection of the British Geological Survey.
$60.72 by RobTorres
Ammonite shell pendant.
$45.86 by danmst3k
This is a highly detailed tyrannosaurus rex skull that would look great on your desk at work or at home! Kids will love it too! The black and white...
Not For Sale by EricsStudio
This model Prints in Frosted Detail or Frosted Ultra Detail. I added images of my actual printed models. I have uploaded another version of this ...
$14.16 by maromero
T-Rex 3D Model (miniature 10cm) "Support Multi Materials" Scale Model: (cm) 9.98w x 2.176d x 6.876h Original T-Rex 3D Puzzle: http://shpws.me/psE6...
$8.98 by WillLaPuerta
Fossil from the Cambrian Period. Big version.
$7.03 by WillLaPuerta
Fossil from the Cambrian Period. Small version.
$59.71 by RobTorres
A representation of an Ammonite shell, a long extinct animal, which lived in the ancient seas more than 300 million years ago. Buy today this delig...
Not For Sale by Zephyris
A necklace pendant shaped like an ammonite fossil. Modelled on a Jurassic ammonite from Lyme Regis, UK.
$36.31 by DarrenAbbey
The first model in my Wiwaxia corrugata series.It works wonderfully in polished WSF.