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$124.72 by GADesign
This pendant is designed with the beauty of nature in mind, and even though it's being 3D Printed in Metal it still has a organic look to it. Wear...
$4.34 by eleanorschyma
key fob modelled on Pro/engineer
$1.75 by rdesign
Wheel Adaptator for RC model
$127.33 by GADesign
This beautiful pendant design has both inner and outer spirals, and together they represent the shape of a teardrop filled with DNA. Premium Silve...
$16.99 by kspaho
Doge is a slang term for “dog” that is primarily associated with pictures of Shiba Inus (nicknamed “Shibe”) and internal monologue captions...
$122.64 by FabMeJewelry
Luxurious shaped necklace to wear on special occasions. New silver finish : Premium Silver ! Chains are not included. If you have any questions pl...
$8.53 by Fabiking999
There is a rock. Two swords of a Assassin stuck in it. Think of the rest yourself. :)
$1.76 by diehard3j
$155.64 by Victuz
A skull mug designed specifically for the printable ceramics, everything has been adjusted for the extra 1mm glazing (hence why the teeth seem a bi...
$14.99 by TheInternets
Banana Doge for Scale is of course the ultimate unit of measurement for your desktop and picture comparison needs. Know Your Meme: Doge About Dog...