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$13.61 by mkermol
The first in an upcoming series of artistic easter eggs. The egg's dimmensions are that of a real chicken egg, so it'll make a perfect addition t...
$13.62 by mkermol
The penultimate entry in our short series of open cut easter eggs. This time we based the design on certain oriental floral patterns. The cut is w...
$14.05 by pilate7004
Vase, 3cm tall, with cut floral design
$17.74 by Fairesure
Inner diameter 70mm
$7.41 by peterleroux
floral surround designed for LED tealight. 40mm internal diameter
$93.00 by guccipepper
Designed in Rhino, a dish/bowl for displaying of objects. Flower/petal inspired design
$74.67 by HenryAlfredo
This pendant guarantees nothing save some radiance. It is inspired by the floral two dimensional patterns of the ancients, but put in three dime...
$25.86 by mkermol
A unique delicate bracelet with floral design. Reminiscent of elven jewelery from the more old school artists interpretations, the organic ornament...
$26.51 by shariff
a mini floral patterned planter. You can buy the optional inner pot separately, just click my username or check in my shop.