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$5.00 by abnovelties
$50.12 by alaswadi
A beautiful but not edible gold fish pendant. Necklace not included.
$9.23 by TheRogueAndTheWolf
A Great White Shark fin to adorn your hands. The closest your fingers will be to a shark without loosing them. Available in various sizes. Feel fr...
$78.58 by Robot_ARC
Patches the Fish Cup. Part of the Electrik Zoo collection!!
$12.49 by industrialpunk
Industrial Punk's Splashing Fish Cigarette Stubber. Pushing a cigarette into the fish's mouth extinguishes it quickly and safely. Just place the Sp...
$31.05 by tomatohead
Not For Sale by Tofty
I present the Multitool.org Fish Thing 2013 version. Tools include: A No.2 Phillips driver, 5.5mm flat driver, 1/2" wrench, 3/8" wrench, 1/4" wren...
$204.92 by muilenta
Fine Fish - Subsurf 2 - 3cm
$3.32 by muilenta
Small fish
$3.25 by muilenta
This is a 3cm long fish I made in Blender, and has two subsurfs appliedd, so it has a lot of polygons