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Not For Sale by Tanner
Model of a FIRST trophy from 2010. Small keychain-like size.
$3.79 by Nerdbubblegum
this is a small design i actually made years ago of a two part pendant for you and a special someone, don't be too hasty to buy it as i have yet to...
$19.36 by TemperedVenoM
This is our first Shapeways upload. This is a little Minecraft building mostly made out of stones. The top is a stained clay roof, with a diamond p...
$8.17 by Freakazoitt
WW1 French tank for 15mm scale board games
$601.59 by robotics5040
The robot for the 2013-14 season for FTC team 5040 (Loveland Nuts & Bolts) lovingly named named Susan. Put it on a key chain or a hat or your d...
$7.96 by reducedAircraftFactory
This plane should need no introduction! On 17 December 1903, Orville Wright made the first flight in a powered, fully controllable aircraft -- the...