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$35.40 by Isyutaru
A ring having to do with yin yang and the eight trigrams.
$2.98 by tomatohead
$135.46 by mhargrave10
$68.64 by Kamen
Multilayer Open Sphere to play :)Presse Papier. Paperweight.
$31.26 by xryxri_Xrysoulakis_Xristos
it designed for robotic control...
$4.15 by CatCAD
A classic wide ring. Size: 11 Thickness: 1mm Feel free to ask me for size and thickness (at least 1mm) modifications.
$59.50 by BenTaubert
The Crawling Hand is a full sized (1:1 scale) lattice-structure hand sculpture. Inspired by Thing from the Addams Family, this design is a quirky a...
$53.91 by cbertucio
The ring band is two square bars with a round wire in the middle, that spirals around to create a ring, size 6, Contact me if you'd like a differen...
$50.00 by craftvfx
The fingers to the Iron Man Mark IV suit. They can be used for either hand. Printed up as thin as possible to conserve on cost it could use some ...
$26.19 by gafsadesign
hand two fingers victory pendant