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$13.93 by nicashby
120 to 116 Film Spool Adaptors. These will work for most, but some spools/cameras may require some minor modifications.
$26.48 by mught
Stainless steel or silver tie clip inspired on Batman's comic books. ATTENTION:Some pictures have been painted with enamel. The Shapeways items wi...
Not For Sale by SDabbs
Jean Reno as Leon
$46.94 by SDabbs
10cm High model Base and plaque remodelled by DotSan. Shelling/hollowing by DotSan (www.dotsan.com)
$56.48 by SDabbs
Jean Reno as Leon - the proffesional. To order a painted version of this sculpture please e-mail me at sean.dabbs@hotmail.com
$32.72 by comradequiche
A printable part (Works in plastic, but I decided to have mine made in stainless steel) that lets you attach a strap to the Russian Sputnik Camera....
$5.18 by alleazzolini
The default Ring Size is US 8. You can use one of the following links to choose a different ring size. US Ring Size 4 Inside diameter: 14.88 mm...
$24.24 by DonnG
This Breaking Bad paper weight will look great on your desk! The letters are cut into the block, but do not go all the way through. Available in ...
$36.47 by LonesomeMerchant
Blair Witch Project fan-made pendant. Should look good with any metal material. Symbol of Blair Witch is not a religious symbol nor it's not curs...
$11.95 by HoneydewStudios
Gus, the flatulent "cave" boy from Honeydew Studios' multi-award winning animated short film "Gus". www.gusthefilm.com | www.honeydewstudios.com