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$10.21 by SturdyPeasantWoman
Shapeways Image Popper
$14.41 by BeepBeep3D
An 20 sided dice with embossed numbers. In Stainless Steel the dice weighs around 120 grams. This combined with the shine and coldness of the steel...
$33.44 by friz
A dice with 48 sides, based on the disdyakisdodecahedron, one of the Catalan solids. First version, solid.
$9.99 by mctrivia
count the number of sides for each shape. die has been perfectly waited.Photo provided courtesy of dicecollector.com
$68.97 by joshvalman
$78.02 by Mikerhinos
Left and right side of a pocket knife. Perfect for doing a father's day present when you have a father who hunts, if you know how to do the other p...
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$35.50 by ch3d
Pendant only, necklace not included.
$39.65 by ch3d
Pendant only, necklace not included.
$1.54 by patysolom