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$30.50 by liquidbuddha
$10.64 by EchoMM
This print was developed as part of a series of 3D reconstructions for Doug Erwin and Jim Valentine's new book "The Cambrian Explosion: The Constru...
$3.79 by vivalaevolucion
Shapeways Image Popper
$9.97 by Erkrieal
This symbol is based on encrypted language (vibrational resonance Iridium-192 blue glow). Adjusts whole body to a higher level frequencies harmonio...
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$13.43 by Serin
Pretty much speaks for itself. Proceeds will be donated to The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
$27.03 by LuraSDesign
Tree for Jewelry 10cm high. If you like a design please add it to your favourites. If you bought it, leaving even a tiny comment will be very muc...
$7.86 by disegnouno
4 evo pack, available in many colors. 3d printed clip adaptable to any type of cup or glass. Choose your favourite shape, personalize your mug a...
$19.00 by joabaldwin
Charles Darwin's first ever sketch of a tree of life, in the shape of an actual tree, with finches perched on the branches. Each branch and minute ...
$112.00 by RareBreed
Large titanosaur sauropod sculpture, isisaurus model in 1:36 scale, by RareBreed ©2012-2014. Smaller sized copy.