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$121.28 by Ema3ddi
$17.07 by admiralducksauce
This Corax-class battleship used by the malicious Sheen lays waste to its enemies.
$8.66 by Woetra
This model space ship strongly resembles the Concord Battleship in the computer game "EVE Online"Note that I created this ...
$72.13 by Ema3ddi
$13.83 by Ema3ddi
$69.32 by Ema3ddi
$14.48 by Ema3ddi
Shapeways Image Popper
$10.13 by StuffIn3Dimensions
EVE from Wall-E
$172.95 by melonfarmer68
Eve Online Caldari Destoryer - Corax
$38.61 by Ema3ddi