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$35.31 by S2D
$27.09 by prototyping
This portafilter holder for the Bodum coffee grinder was created out of necessity.  I needed a way to grind my beans and not spend $300 for a ...
$57.61 by EyeLike2Cre8
cup volume approximately 60ml. Teeth and eyes of snake are not as detailed as in 3D model because of the glazing but they are sufficiently detaile...
$45.71 by Anasrafiq
$35.82 by Hunt
minimal ceramic coffee cup. Perfect for latte art
$32.79 by Bluecold
Vroeg model met de ronde ketel.
$18.17 by lokonaut
Untertasse in Form eines Mittelpuffers, sollte für Espresso-Tassen mit 52mm Bodendurchmesser (z.B. CreaTable "Basic") passen. Habe selbst noch kei...
$31.71 by Jane_S
Espresso cup in the shape of a empty casing, it will blow you away... The cup holds ~0,5 dl or ~1,7 fl oz Can also be used as a Tealight holder. Pl...
$47.64 by mkermol
A single cup from our Ba Gua cup set. Available so you can replace it if one has an unfortunate accident, and more importantly so you can have a t...
$96.46 by mkermol
A set of two cups and a coaster, made to mimic the form of the Ba Gua Daoist symbol. Primarily designed as espresso cups, the ying and yang, will ...