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$48.34 by onetruecathal
Update: The original material, "Grey Robust" (ABS) is no longer available. Basic testing shows that the "Strong and Flexible" material works, but a...
$17.48 by pisarevg
Glass cone for travel
$7.75 by TreadshotA1
$26.89 by majortom117
a dragonshield...equiped in roleplaying games to resist fire :)
Not For Sale by majortom117
a tribute to Edmunddenzel from gameone ^^
$28.24 by majortom117
a small Helmet of an ancient Knight...
$28.25 by majortom117
a small knight helmet, Edmundenzel edition...
$48.06 by onetruecathal
Update: Dremelfuge is now provisionally available in the "Strong and Flexible" material, after some basic testing. No guarantee of safety is given,...