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$143.04 by Grampawerdna
This is a little jewelry case with a bas relief horse crest on the lid. The lid is hinged and there is a latch to open and close it. The lid and th...
$9.10 by LarahMcElroy
$17.78 by NikkruGadgets
A Horse figurine that likes to horse around. Photo coming in a few weeks
$33.02 by StephenMoore
Stampede around your wrist!
$65.43 by Domnopalus
This is Xathiador, the spiny tyrant king appearing in the upcoming graphic novel series, "Strife of Khthon." http://www.khthon.com/
$17.00 by RareBreed
Arabian mare sculpture by RareBreed ©2012-2013 in 1:24 scale.
$7.00 by RareBreed
Miniature horse by RareBreed ©2012-2013, aproximately 1:36 scale.