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Not For Sale by goatlip
This is a Door Handle used for a custom designed VIP aircraft interior
Not For Sale by zlwilly
It's a scale model of a steam vessel, like a miniaturized boiler. Modeled by Zachary Williamson.
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$6.43 by TijsB
Not For Sale by cwortman
 This is a 3 in x 3 in x 3 model of the global axes.  Each axis has the direction variable(X, Y, and Z) extruded on the cylinder.  T...
$19.17 by Egoe
Set of two mini H-beam earrings, approx 8mm wide each. Does not come with earring hooks (can be easily found in craft stores)
$27.37 by Auzyboy
$7.41 by stark060
These earrings are made in the shape of the USB symbol...in 3D! The circle becomes a sphere, the triangle a pyramid, and the square a cube. The lin...
$8.88 by stark060
Remember those force-body diagrams from high school physics? The force from gravity is equal and opposite to the tension force holding the earring ...