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$39.31 by diez_artwork
Hairstick with a blossom from an infinite loop: A hairstick or hairpin is a straight, pointed device, usually between five and nine inches in leng...
$74.67 by HenryAlfredo
This pendant guarantees nothing save some radiance. It is inspired by the floral two dimensional patterns of the ancients, but put in three dime...
$23.38 by noesis
Infinity knot Earrings3D printed layer by layer and then fire fused into solid stainless steel.The two small lightweight earrings measure about 5/8...
$3.16 by tomatohead
Flower Fairy's Endless Knot Ornament on shapeways for christmas.
$15.39 by lensman
A pendant based on what at first glance seems to be just a tangle of metal... but take a closer look. I have successfully printed this in one of t...
Not For Sale by LetoLab
For a super classy dinner party. Soon available.. (under construction)
$5.77 by alleazzolini
Do you know that 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture? And that the constellations in the sky are 88, as well as the number of k...
$60.31 by Enki-Saar
True and pure love is more than 'you and me'. It's not about being 'part' of a couple. It's all about the warmth and comfort of being an inseparabl...
$28.58 by design2create
A Gordian knot shape with a moving part printed inside it, with never ending movement