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$21.00 by improbablecog
A version of the Flora Earrings that is intended to have a pair of standard earring fishhooks attached with jump rings (not included unfortunately,...
$25.86 by mkermol
A unique delicate bracelet with floral design. Reminiscent of elven jewelery from the more old school artists interpretations, the organic ornament...
$9.71 by ChrisArtscapes
Another idea I had for an elven sword.
$95.61 by Silverbeam
an Elven 1/3 tea set for ball jointed dolls, and other miniatures, or even jewelry.  ((see pieces individually posted for sizes))* DO NOT...
$25.94 by ilbono
a paper cutter in the shape of a simple elven sabre
$20.58 by salocin111
Approximate 1:1 scale model of the elven leaf brooches seen throughout the original trilogy. This is a fan made model made using Rhino3D with sever...
$62.04 by neverendingminiatures
$24.36 by JBDesign
Your own One Ring with custom inscription in LotR 'Aniron' Font as shown in the picture. Now click PERSONALIZE to buy and personalize your own ...
$12.43 by mkermol
The design was made to look natural and inspired by elven fantasy art. All the elements are based on patterns that one can find in nature, but stil...
$39.95 by miniman005
A beautiful elven gazebo inspired by the Lord of the Rings and The hobbit movies.