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Not For Sale by Magic
These are 3 interlocked links. Brunnian means that even though the 3 ellipses are interlocked, no two of them are linked (in other words, remove ju...
$181.21 by aton
Bowl. Ellipse. Fruits.
$216.99 by deagoddess
A bracelet generated by Moebius Strip inspired transformations of an ellipse
$25.17 by GarySG
This piece is beautiful in it's gizmo-style, depicting something similar to a gyroscope, but with one axis of rotation as opposed to three. It is n...
$4.45 by pisarevg
Basket -pendant
$21.77 by pisarevg
Weaving basket with the flowers
$20.52 by pisarevg
shell-mathematic art
$7.09 by pisarevg
$6.46 by pisarevg
Cancer-pendant with sign of zodiac cancer
$5.00 by ppoz
Conic dissection model with five pieces including circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. Put the pieces together to form a cone and see how var...