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$34.22 by mipmould
part No. 2 of the case to the board raspbarry-pi
$29.37 by astonetech
Snowflex ball concept for x-mas decoration.
$65.22 by boyzahn
For mooring the many ropes of technology. What use is an electrical plug when you're not plugged in? Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cov...
Not For Sale by Protobotind
Jimmy Capp for JimmyCapp.com., Electrical box cover to keep out paint, sharp cutters, drywall dust and fingers. Installed before drywall, designed...
Not For Sale by Protobotind
Jimmy Capp Electrical outlet and switch cover. Keeps fingers, dust, paint and rotary tools out of boxes while they are being drywalled, painted, wa...
$5.31 by vanca
Geek Jewelry: Bridge Rectifier (Ring is at the same plane as the model)
$162.60 by wideeyezmind
Severed... Electrically... **No Hook Included**
$328.00 by wideeyezmind
Electrically Severed...
$5.34 by pinelas
Cold Shrink Arrestor. Scale 1/24
$46.60 by pinelas
Transformer 50kva Scale 1:24. Model Hollow